Nickie Cheung is a designer interested in the diverse community engagement involved in the production of space. He has currently invested five years towards achieving a Bachelors of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University with minors in Architectural History and "Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology" (IDeATe).

Raised in a suburb right outside the city of Boston, Nickie has an insatiable appetite for discovering new opportunities to engage the world around him. Growing up, Nickie was constantly busy with swimming, running, and practicing piano, but his favorite memories were listening to the stories of his mother's childhood experiences living in poverty in Hong Kong. Through his engagement with Boston's Trinity Education for Excellence Program, Nickie realized the impact that individuals can have within a community and has since dedicated his life to finding new ways to support those around him.

Working at the intersection of communication, fabrication, technology, and architecture, Nickie seeks new ways to empower communities to address environmental, social, and political problems that people face everyday.