P.O.I./ what I'm currently working on!

P.O.I./ what I'm currently working on!

This past semester has been an eye-opening experience of education and architecture. School has been an extremely arduous process of late, but despite the copious amounts of hard work ahead of me, today I found the time to watch the sunset as one of my studiomates accurately pointed to our work and exclaimed, "this will still be here after the sunset!" I thought for a second and realized, she's right. There will always be a project and a task to be completed, and just like the sun will rise in the morning, it will all be completed when it needs to be. So, here I am, writing a blog post, and enjoying the sun setting.

Recently, a common discussion among my fellow B.Arch Undergrads has revolved around the essential question, why the fifth-year and what happens after? As starry-eyed freshman, we all bounded through the doorway to Margaret Morrison happily meeting each other as we wondered what our so-called "second home" would be like and whether our classes would really have copious amounts of work. Looking at the fifth-years, I marveled at how they all looked so big and old, there's no way that I would be like that, or so I thought.

As a fourth-year watching the current fifth-years prepare for graduation and pin-up their thesis projects, I can't help but think how quickly the years have passed.

Thus, I begin my blog of my journey through the project that only existed in my dreams for the past four years, my own thesis project. 

This blog is a collection of thoughts of the day, interim updates on current endeavors, and really just an update from a parallel life to the very one that you are currently experiencing.